Seat Alert

May 2023 Update🆕

Seat Alert has been completely redeveloped from the ground up! Check out some of the changes below.

Dark Mode🌙

Seat Alert has dark mode! Switch your device to dark mode to see the new look.

Automatic Resubscribes

This has been one of our most requested features! You no longer need to resubscribe to alerts after each notification. You will automatically be notified the next time the section changes from closed → open. To stop receiving alerts, simply uncheck the section on your order page.

Faster Alerts👟

Alerts are sent twice as fast as before! The seat checking process is now multi-threaded allowing for more courses to be checked in less time.

Course Sections Table

When signing up you'll see all the available sections listed in a table instead of individual cards. This will make it easier to quickly pick your sections and requires less scrolling.

Tab Navigation⌨️

You can now use just your keyboard to navigate Seat Alert. This will help users with accessibility requirements who cannot use a mouse.

New Look🎨

The website has a slightly different look now. It's mostly the same, but (hopefully) a little cleaner looking.

Nerdy Changes🤓

Seat Alert now pre-renders pages into basic html resulting in a faster initial page load. The front end is now written in typescript which helps reduce rookie js bugs. The front end also now uses lazy component loading to reduce the amount of data transmitted to the end user (again improving loading times). The backend now runs on Python 3.10 which should bring performance improvements.